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The Bastion City Cloggers are a Clogging group that hold Clogging Classes in Nanaimo, BC & Mill Bay, BC.  We have been clogging our way into the hearts & feet of the people on Vancouver Island since 1986.  We offer a friendly & encouraging Clogging class atmosphere to anyone from the very young to the young-at-heart.


Clogging is a percussive form of dancing that is similar to tap dancing but not entirely similar.  Clogging originated in the south eastern US when immigrants from the UK settled there.  Those people were trying to escape religious persecution in their country so came to America where they would be allowed to dance & play their music.  Originally, clogging shoes did not have anything attached to them.  It has only been recently that taps were added to enhance the sounds the feet were making.  Clog Dancing has many influences besides tap – Irish, Canadian Step dancing, even Native American dancing & break dancing!


In our Clogging classes both in Nanaimo & Mill Bay, you will learn clogging steps & clogging routines that are danced all over the world!  You will also learn the history of Clogging.  We dance to all genres of music – country, bluegrass, rock & roll, swing, hip hop, & any form that has a good beat.


The Bastion City Cloggers were formed when one of their first instructors moved to Victoria with her new husband & Barb Guenette decided to keep the group going.


Barb earned her CCI (Certified Clogging Instructor) designation in 1998 at the National Clogging Convention in Nashville, TN.  Since then, she has taken her Cloggers to many Clogging Workshops & Conventions.  The highlight was to receive an invitation to the Austrian Alps Performing Arts Festival in 2000!


Barb also enjoys teaching other aspiring Clogging Instructors to become the best they can be.


New Clogging classes start the first Monday after Labor Day in Sept.


If you enjoy percussive-type dancing then Clogging is for you!

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